Friday, December 15, 2006

Matrioska I

"I am the great white hunter, conqueror of the west. I am the Winchester wielding, Chevy driving king of the world.

She screeched to a halt in the middle of the night, a lone driver in the middle of a lonely night.
She walked into my store like she owned it, a cigerette pressed between her lips sunglasses on her face even in the dead of night.
Her arrogance alone would have brought the wrath of the Lord upon her, were she not so beautiful, were she not angelic.
Oh, and that she was. She was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen, an angel walking the face of the earth. Dressed in white. Pristine.
She smiles at me and I begin to melt like icecream left out in the sun. She asks me for the restroom in a voice as soft as velvet but I can barely hear her under the thumping of my heart. I point it out, between shards of fantasy and dreams and nearly faint as i catch a whiff of her perfume.
I am in love.
She enters the toilet in the back of the store and Jeremy loses it. Jeremy has no self control. I panic as I feel him guiding my hand towards the axe. He picks it up and swings it over my shoulder. We walk to the bathroom. She is beauty incarnate, do not do this to her, Jeremy. Please, I beg of you.. there are others... please Jeremy. Just forget this one... For our sake...
For a second i feel him struggling. He also has his doubts, I know that. I can control him.
But then he hears her flushing. His animal instincts take over and i can't do anything for her anymore.

It was over in a heartbeat. The axe split her head in half, her beautiful features covered in blood, her white suit soaked in red. Jeremy smiled. God had told him to kill the whore he says. he lichs his bloodied fingers and tells me we have to clean up. The feast of flesh can wait, he says. Jeremy scares me sometimes. God scares me.

I hate being evil. I sometimes wish I was normal. Jeremy threatens to hurt me then. Jeremy Needs me. The Lord needs me. I am the Great white hunter, conqueror of the west.

Lying there, in her pool of blood, she looks like a fallen angel."

"At this point the tip of the pencil broke off That's how intense writing this was... "
"That must have taken a lot of pain to write, Darkus"
"Totally, all the pain i felt this entire month, all distilled in this page of dark thoughts"
"You are sooo dark, Darkus"
"I know, Scabia, pain is... a mind opener. You just need enough."

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how parfumul of you, dr jekyll!