Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rant 1: Radiohead to Pokemon

An Evening Well Spent. A Rant Amongst Friends. A Blog Release. A Whole Lotta Fun. Remember that show, Connections? Here's our version: Radiohead to Pokemon & Beyond in a few easy steps.

Trotsky: radiohead? appreciation or desrved scorn?
Tsavatar: eh radiohead is complex
Tsavatar: it is musical onanism played by a gay, neurotic british combo
Tsavatar: with emo lyrics
Tsavatar: and nirvana guitars
Tsavatar: + synthesyzers
Trotsky: yet inextricably linked to any and all musical progress in the 90s
Tsavatar: hmmm
Tsavatar: call your bluff
Tsavatar: de ce?
Trotsky: well dealing the deathblow to the first wave of britpop from the inside
Trotsky: for starters
Tsavatar: true
Trotsky: and thusly concluding the grunge wars
Tsavatar: opening the road for today's indie-rock-lo-fi-hipster tripsters
Trotsky: by assimilating grunge dynamics. un pic ca dubioasa romanizare a dacilor
Trotsky: tripsters? i fail to see where yorkie would dare inject anything
Trotsky: mayhaps on his bulging forhead during his wholehearted renidition of some tribal dance
Trotsky: now that they're all electro
Tsavatar: come on
Tsavatar: a guy don't get that thin by dieting
Tsavatar: they are, aren't they?
Trotsky: he's free from the tyrany of the guitar he used to hang on to for dear life
Tsavatar: what ever happened to the good ol' radiohead of pablo honey and ok computer
Tsavatar: those were the queerest days ever
Tsavatar: but at least they made sense
Tsavatar: acum cu vocal synths galore
Trotsky: well that's my point
Trotsky: they'll turn into geeky nazis
Tsavatar: si dickslapping on the guitar whilst shaving his pubes with the c chord
Trotsky: sehr gut, herr kommandant
Trotsky: ich habe eine indie pubiss
Tsavatar: ja, ja spritzen mein assen'
Trotsky: ein relikv
Trotsky: now really
Trotsky: what IS left
Trotsky: of the good ol days
Trotsky: ?
Tsavatar: indie pubis ist deutsch for dick refuses to grow. Hair too. Shave dog and buy superglue and carrot
Tsavatar: nu prea mai e nimic left
Trotsky: stuck in one big tapeloop of yorke's flacid asscheeks
Tsavatar: i mean radiohead used to be good ol
Tsavatar: slit your wrists and die without being pathetic enough to listen to emo
Tsavatar: music
Tsavatar: now it's just cat scratches on a guitar and reverb orgy, puncture your ear drums music
Tsavatar: not to fret though
Tsavatar: mayhaps coldplay shall fill those shoes
Tsavatar: after a few more years
Tsavatar: of make trade fair lameness
Trotsky: well emo as it may sound, i find coldplay's antics a tad worrying
Tsavatar: ?
Trotsky: they're hybridising u2's gayness
Trotsky: with radiohead's
Trotsky: surely this can’t be right
Trotsky: i mean the edge and bono... why splice them with selway and yorke
Tsavatar: well didja listen to the castles b-side compilation
Tsavatar: not bad
Tsavatar: dar i must agree
Tsavatar: there is only room for one bono i this world
Trotsky: this is the ultimate decebal+traian thing
Trotsky: castles b-side compilation?
Trotsky: whose?
Tsavatar: coldplay
Tsavatar: deci daca chris martin goes bono on us
Tsavatar: the world will explode
Trotsky: or better yet
Trotsky: he'll go the edge on us
Tsavatar: get himself a keytar
Trotsky: and become some sort of carefully constructed “true-to-life”-ish stage personna
Tsavatar: and take the band out for a little elevation cover
Trotsky: well by all means
Tsavatar: yeees?
Trotsky: let's think of it in freudian terms
Trotsky: we have an oedipus complex, right?
Tsavatar: why?
Tsavatar: ah
Tsavatar: you mean all of us
Trotsky: in the music world
Trotsky: we find the edge as the paternal figure
Trotsky: threatening c. martin with castration
Trotsky: the edge as all-mother
Trotsky: and of course
Tsavatar: then again we have
Tsavatar: the edge and
Tsavatar: The EDGE
Tsavatar: aka occam
Trotsky: i wonder
Trotsky: is it occamian to commit suicide?
Trotsky: being an emo kid
Trotsky: after all
Trotsky: it IS getting rid of unnecessary baggage
Trotsky: burdening the train of thought
Trotsky: of society
Tsavatar: the simplest sollution is, i think to go on living and continue to be a pain in the ass
Tsavatar: a bane in the ass cheek of the world
Tsavatar: dying implies unnecessary thinking
Tsavatar: and you know, emos are like
Tsavatar: braaaaaaain
Tsavatar: must eat braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnn
Tsavatar: but what's the pooooiiiint
Tsavatar: live is braaaaiiii...uh...paaaaiiiiinnn
Trotsky: they all deny the brain sustenance
Trotsky: are unabashedly gay
Trotsky: i wonder if we'll ever see the day when hairmetal, emo and manele merge
Tsavatar: that'll be the day
Tsavatar: replace keytar with tzambaltar
Trotsky: are self-refferentially hetero
Tsavatar: wear makeup
Tsavatar: curl your hair
Tsavatar: wear a 2kg gold(plated) cross
Tsavatar: spike your wavy hair
Tsavatar: pune-ti salupe, start playback
Trotsky: and above all use apparel that is or will be deniend entry in thrift-shops in the next 20 years
Tsavatar: ah
Tsavatar: gay
Tsavatar: happy
Tsavatar: queer
Tsavatar: strange
Tsavatar: cornholer
Tsavatar: Cucuruzator
Tsavatar: Fitter, Happier
Trotsky: balls-out for castration
Tsavatar: castration?
Tsavatar: i think not!
Trotsky: well oedipianly yours
Trotsky: their secret longing
Tsavatar: we are not animals my dear trotsky
Tsavatar: they need their balls
Trotsky: to be punished gaily by their dads
Tsavatar: you know
Tsavatar: i know from a very reliable source
Tsavatar: that
Tsavatar: when in a high stress situation
Trotsky: balls retract
Tsavatar: yes their balls detach and turn into eggs
Trotsky: dar nu e stres aci
Trotsky: pana si emo au faza cu pretenarii
Trotsky: chit ca sunt inanimate objects
Tsavatar: the creatures emerged from the eggs are called emospawn
Trotsky: gen lame
Tsavatar: they blame their emo parents for their pitiful emo lives
Tsavatar: they try to listen to velvet underground as revenge
Tsavatar: but, c'mon
Tsavatar: they're not THAT lame
Trotsky: sounds like the latest in pokemon reproduction
Trotsky: are pokemon emo?
Tsavatar: well, you gotta catch em all
Trotsky: i remember my 4th grade mates
Tsavatar: so they may be
Tsavatar: but naah
Tsavatar: they may be gay
Tsavatar: but they're too colourful to be emo
Trotsky: scrambling for the latest in cards
Tsavatar: plus they don't wear converse
Trotsky: hold on
Tsavatar: or paint their fingernails black
Trotsky: are’nt those cards more or less blades
Trotsky: the colours wash away
Tsavatar: what cards?
Trotsky: trading cards
Trotsky: y’know
Trotsky: razorian in nature
Trotsky: take away the colour
Trotsky: and voila
Trotsky: emoness
Trotsky: this is a novel approache
Tsavatar: aa
Trotsky: i must saye
Tsavatar: yup but they're not emo
Trotsky: methinks
Trotsky: that we have found seeds of emo
Tsavatar: it's a group things and it doesn't involve gay kissing
Trotsky: in this seemingly emo-free world of preteen TCG
Trotsky: but it does evolve into gay orgies known as d&d later on
Tsavatar: ahemm!!!!
Tsavatar: thou slall not make fun of DND
Tsavatar: or PELOR shall smite thee
Tsavatar: and ST. Cuthbert shall stick his cudgel in your as...damn
Tsavatar: it is gay
Trotsky: sounds like the pee-lor that gives me spasms when i drink my milk
Trotsky: see
Trotsky: it all winds up into twisted sister
Trotsky: thus our philosophical system is complete
Trotsky: being circular in nature
Trotsky: a la blaga
Tsavatar: more like bleaga
Tsavatar: …i think efectul is complet, the Circle is Complete, Obi-Wan.
Trotsky: emo-pokemon-radiohead-manea-hairmetal thing. kewl.

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